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Hope Island Resort, Hope Island Queensland

Client: Hope Island Resort Holdings Pty Ltd (Contractor: AD & DJ Corfields)   Size: 182 lots

Neighbourhood 6 of the Hope Island Resort is a 182 lot development situated in the middle of the Hope Island Resort community.


The development is bordered by a lake and a canal and overlooks a world class golf course providing a unique development scenario that required the integration of hydraulic and civil design factors with the desired development outcomes.


Preliminary planning, design, preparation of contract documentation and construction superintendency and contract administration.

Planning & Design Issues

The subject site was extremely flat necessitating careful modelling and civil design to ensure hydraulic requirements such as maintenance of overland flow and road design and drainage were correctly incorporated into the overall design.


Gross Pollutant traps were installed before each outlet to prevent any sediment or rubbish from entering the lake or the canal.