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Eagle Rise Estate, Lowood Queensland

Client: Sunglide Pty Ltd   Size: 600+ lots approximately

Complete civil engineering services from preliminary design to land product.

Planning Issues

One of the major issues was the larger External Stormwater Catchment discharging on to site. The majority of the stormwater flow needed to be collected and piped through an extensive underground drainage network.


The rear of the development was quite steep and resulted in a challenging road and allotment design.

Design & Contract Administration
The documentation for this development includes:
  • Design and documentation of earthworks, roadworks, stormwater, sewerage reticulation, water reticulation and sediment and erosion control.
  • Design of two major external intersections.
  • Design of acoustic barriers.
  • External sewerage reticulation, pump station and rising main.
  • Contract documentation
  • Construction superintendency