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Clover Hill, Mudgeeraba Queensland

Client: Sunland Group Ltd   Size: 215 allotments

Complete civil engineering services from preliminary design to land product.


Clover Hill Estate is a 215 allotment Residential subdivision located behind Somerset College on Clover Hill Drive at Mudgeeraba. The site involved retaining two large fig trees and the receiving of 120,000m3 of material from an adjoining Gold Coast Water Reservoir project.

Planning Issues

The slope of the original site was one of the major issues in the urban design process. This was eliminated by the receiving of 180,000m3 of material from the Clover Hill Reservoir site as well as an additional 150,000m3 of earthworks undertaken on the site. This produced allotments with building locations located with less that 20% slope and due to the large size of the allotments eliminated the need for retaining walls to allotments.

Design & Contract Administration
The documentation for this development includes:
  • Design and documentation of earthworks, roadworks, stormwater, sewerage reticulation, water reticulation and sediment and erosion control.
  • Design of a 375mm diameter sewerage main and associated works.
  • Design of acoustic barriers.
  • Water Sensitive Urban Design
  • Contract Documentation

The operation of equipment and levels below 225kV powerlines was one of the major design constraints of the site as well as an Optus optical fibre which was under the powerlines. The site also contained two water courses and a Riverine Protection Permit was also required.